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Why Village Rice Is Different From Other Rice!

Rice is a staple food and the choice of many across the globe. However, it gets a bad reputation for many reasons. It is often said rice causes weight gain, a spike in blood glucose levels, constipation, drowsiness, etc. People with diabetes are told to stay away from rice. Despite all this, rice remains a favourite amongst many. Imagine if you could have rice and not face any of these problems! Village Rice is specially curated after great research and using biochemical methods. It is enriched with protein, fibre, and a variety of minerals. It is even safe for people with diabetes, aged people, children, pregnant women, and people with blood sugar problems. People who dread weight gain can breathe a sigh of relief as Village Rice aids weight loss! Now you can consume your favourite rice recipes without any worries! Here are ten reasons why Village Rice is different than any other rice:

village rice high dietary fibre rice

High dietary fibre

Village Rice has a high fibre content of 15%. This makes it beneficial for digestion, and the rice is especially suitable for consumption by children and older people, who often face issues like indigestion and constipation. High Fibre content is also responsible for the fibre flush effect. It slows down the absorption of calories from food and releases sugar into bloodstream slowly, preventing drowsiness during the day.

High in Minerals

Village Rice has almost three times the content of Magnesium and Iron than normal white rice. Minerals are a vital need of the body. It allows the body to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day and keeps one happy.

High Protein content

Village Rice has 14% protein content. Thus it classifies as a high protein food. Other rice comparatively has low levels of protein. High protein foods help in muscle recovery and repair and keep you satiated for longer periods.

Low GI

Village Rice has a Glycemic Index of less than 55. This means it releases glucose into the blood slowly compared to other rice. This makes it a safe food for people who have blood sugar problems and also prevents that drowsy feeling in the daytime.

Even Diabetics Can Eat Village Rice

Because of its low Glycemic Index of less than 55, people with diabetes can safely consume Village Rice without worrying about anything. Generally, rice is strictly prohibited or to be eaten in extremely small quantities by people with diabetes according to doctors. But Village Rice can be eaten to the heart’s content even by people with sugar problems and diabetes.

Helps in Weight Loss

Generally, people trying to lose weight are told not to eat rice. But Village Rice is specially created to aid weight loss! Due to its high fibre content, even a small quantity of rice can make you feel satiated for a long time, and portion control is key for weight loss. Village Rice helps the fibre flush effect to take place. Thus it slows down calorie absorption from food and aids in weight loss.

Type of Seeds

Modern biochemical screening methods are used to select mutants and segregants from our hybridisation program so that such seeds are the result that gives maximum health benefits. Village Rice seeds are not a genetically modified organism and are environment-friendly as we never use gene transfer methods to produce the seeds. We believe in preserving the natural qualities and strains of rice seeds. Our seeds are 100% natural!

No Artificial Fertilizers Used

Village Rice has been grown without the usage of any artificial or chemical fertilisers. We are concerned about nature and believe in ecologically sustainable ways of manufacturing rice. We have an in-house research and development team that ensure the rice plants get the best nutrients through natural sources. We care about the impact we make on the environment, and we believe in leaving behind a good place for our future generations to live in.

Hygienic Manufacturing Process

Village Rice is processed in a very hygienic environment which is free from dust, moisture, insects, and pests. We make sure no impurities come in contact with the rice grains during the manufacturing and packaging process as we care most about your health. Automated vacuum packing machines packaged with nitrogen flushing system and oxygen absorber pockets are used to pack the end product to increase the shelf life of the product.

100% Indian

village rice udayaagro certification

You can promote the Make in India movement with us! Village Rice is 100% manufactured in India with world-class technology and infrastructure. Authentically Indian, Village Rice is grown in the rice bowl of India, the state of Tamilnadu. With our advanced research and development, we have created rice with extremely protein and high fibre content. With Village Rice, you have a healthy option of white rice available to consume.

6 thoughts on “Why Village Rice Is Different From Other Rice!

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your valuable comment
      Sir We have not got the certificate yet form the Agri University and we are not selling them as organic rice in the first case and As we checked for the Residue levels of toxic substances it was certified to be below the minimal level and yes sir we do have an FSSAI certificate
      for any queries please contact


  1. I want to promote this rice very extensively in South India…please advise me the business details…

  2. Sir
    IAM retired Jda nagapattinam
    I am interested on village rice
    Ple give me details

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thankyou for the Query
      Village rice is developed classical plant breeding and it has Dietary fiber content of 13% and Protein Content of 14 %, Where normal rice in the market will contain only 1-2% of Fiber and 6-7 % of Protein, Village rice is Certified as Low Glyceamic index food by an Singapore University which makes this rice suitable for Diabetic Patients where it helps in controlling the blood glucose level.
      For more details you can contact

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